​E-Commerce ​Academy

ApexUonline has expanded our services by partnering with one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms online today.

Trusted platforms for your company are integral, they help funnel your site to a completed status. Meaning, all the small moving pieces are generally taken care of by the platform that you choose.  Modern SEO is a term that is loosely used to describe some of the platforms online.  The biggest benefit of utilizing a platform like Bigcommerce or Volusion is that it gives you the ability to work with fewer people in opening your business.  This helps to limit the amount of revenue you have to spend on ensuring your website is complete for search engines.

Development of your e-commerce site plays an important role in your businesses overall success. There is a lot to consider when developing your best ecommerce solution.  With so many platforms to utilize to bring your products to market, this can be a bit overwhelming. 

ApexU has partnered up with 2 of the leading platforms in the wold.  Based off the needs of your company we will show you the pro's and con's to each platform and then you make the decision for your business.

Starting on an online business?  This is tool for you to estimate what the setup cost on a successful website looks like.

Apex has worked with clients with little to no knowledge up to folks with working knowledge of the product. Virtually all have the same thing to say, "Thank you".  We listen and help develop solutions for your online business, thinking of the bigger picture and by staying up to date on current trends.