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One thing all experts will agree on is video content is the future. More and more consumers are on aps like snapchat and youtube on a daily basis.  Cable has seen the biggest drop in subscribers while online video advertising has never been utilized to the extent that it is today. This is an important part of any strategy and can be fun and challenging.

A successful online business starts with a great supplier. Every niche is different and navigating this world of dropshipping options can be overwhelming.  Manufacturer direct is our goal, and we are able to achieve that often. This reduces your cost, which increases your overall profit.  No middle men, and with the ability to list on Amazon and Social media directly from your e-commerce platform, saves you time and frustrations.

Dropshipping Solution

Viral Marketing starts with having an active presence on social media. Many strategies are there to manage your social media, and the best strategy is really based off of your personal preference.  With capabilities to monetize some of these platforms, users never even  have to leave their comfort zone to make a purchase!

Video Content Creation

There is no doubt that consumers spend more money online than at retail stores today. With options to get products over night and cost savings most consumers love to take advantage of. If you create a solid strategy based around the goals of your business you could be cashing in on the trend yourself! We have partnered with a top rated e-commerce platform to provide a service rich in features and simply to use.

From the brainstorming to your opening day of the business, APEXU makes that fun and exciting. Our training is customized to individual clients. ApexUonline ecommerce solutions include training on business set up, dropshipping, SEO, e-commerce, branding and marketing as well as other areas.  ApexUonline Viral marketing campaigns are a new addition in 2016 to our portfolio as well as hosted ecommerce solutions.

We have also partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure your training experience is amazing.

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