​E-Commerce ​Academy

1: The right products

One of the most obvious decisions when launching an online business is, "What do I sale?..."  Its important that proper research is done before making these decisions to ensure you understand the saturation level in each niche you choose. We also recommend that you use this time to determine exactly what your customer base is going to be. With the tools that you are given during this training, this daunting task becomes much more manageable. Your trainer will help you with every detail to ensure that this confusing task is made simple and at your pace. 

2: True Dropshipping

With so many out there to choose from, this step is important to ensure profitability. New ecommerce businesses find this step very difficult. Our dropshipping program will teach you how to work directly with the manufacturer.  Not through a 3rd party middle man. This increases your profit and ensures competitive pricing.  Locating these  suppliers who stock the required item plus having dropshipping options can be frustrating. Your trainer, will show you how simple it can be once you have the proper tools.

3: Add Products to Your Website 

Building and controlling your eCommerce website is overwhelming however, this is something your trainer will help you with in great detail. Our e-commerce solution is all inclusive, and According to research by Ipsos, merchants that use our solution grow 28% year over year, nearly 2x the industry average. You will also learn how to use eBay directly through your primary platform as well as monitize your social media accounts when applicable. Your training will include: learning how to create product pages, managing imports and backups, utilizing email campaigns and  built in marketing, helping visitors make a buying decision.

4: Website to Market

With the site completed and products added, it is time to open the doors for business. Gaining visability to your site on search engines is a process that your trainer will go over in great detail with you. You will learn several strategies and then make the decision of what is right for your business. From basic marketing techniques to advanced visibility driven campaigns, your trainer will work with you to determine what is the best fit for your business.  

5: Completing Orders

Your site is open and orders are starting to come in, you will learn the simple process of ensuring the are completed. Take this opportunity to show your customer how amazing your company is to encourage return visits.  The client experience here will with ensure returning customers or negative reviews online.