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Viral Strategies Create:

Links, Links, and more Links. By using this technique you are creating a spider web effect across many platforms. These campaigns generally do not get found on their own so optimizing the content is definitely something to keep in mind.

Using social media for your business can be confusing. Ensuring that you are utilizing this free source of marketing for your business to gain every benefit is important!  By Utilizing Social Media to get your word out, you create an environment for explosive growth with your company. The challenge is putting the content together and distributing the content. To get the most benefit out of different social media platforms small matrix's matter. From the amount of times you post a day to user engagement.  

The search engines do not track all these metrics currently according to Matt Cutts, however, it can still be used to be relevance around your business. 

This strategy is something that most industry experts agree on as well. By engaging with potential customer and even the ability to list products across many platforms, you open your business up to more exposure. Generally speaking the more people that come to your website, the more people that will buy. 

One thing to note, creating your viral marketing strategy is a trial and error process. There is no golden key to unlock the virability of any product.  You constantly have to modify your campaigns for the most exposure possible.  Also, nothing stays viral for ever, so when your viral campaign goes viral take advantage of the "window" because it will close, and then as they say back to the drawing board.

Our coaches stay up to date on the current trends helping to create the best e-commerce solution for your online business, by educating your on each strategy and then letting you make the best decision for your business based off of your own decision.  

Viral Marketing Strategies involve combining great content with incentives that reward the online community for spreading your message for you.  This can be in the form of interesting information, funny memes, instructional videos and much more.  Our coaches can help construct a viral campaign that fits with your business' message and audience.  

Is your business ready to go viral? With all the small moving parts its good to have a second set of eyes!  To get your free copy of our Viral RX: 30+ common website errors. The small things add up and creating your best ecommerce solution shouldn't be overwhelming! This guide is in common sense terms and step by step to ensure your on pare for your companies goals.

 “It’s essential to have a point of view that puts a stake in the ground and breaks through the clutter.”

                           -Craig Allen & Jason Kreher

Viral Marketing Strategies